SLSI Surveyor's Store

Periodically, SLSI will open a temporary website to purchase all of your SLSI apparel needs to place your orders.  Members will be notified when orders can be placed.  In addition, SLSI provides numerous publications and books to benefit the practicing surveyor as well as providing needed study material and information for those studying for examinations.  An electronic copy of the Laws & Administrative Rules is available for purchase and a PDF version of JS Dodds' book "Original Instructions Governing Public Land Surveys of Iowa" is currently being created and will be available for purchase.  Please contact the state office at [email protected] with inquiries.

Equipment For Sale

SLSI is pleased to post any industry-related equipment for sale on this site.  Please email any information on the sale item(s) in a printable Word document and include any photo images to the SLSI Office to [email protected]. Make sure to include your contact information for any interested parties.