SLSI Benefits

In this technically advanced, competitive age, land surveyors need all the help they can get to survive and succeed. Since 1957 surveyors have turned to their state organization for this help. SLSI provides its members with a wealth of resources and professional benefits.

Public Relations

SLSI helps educate the general public on why and how to secure the services of a Land Surveyor and just was is a Land Surveyor.  In addition, SLSI distributes to cities, counties, state agencies, and other potential clients information on why and how to secure the services of a professional land surveyor.  

Surveying Career Information Pamphlet PDF
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Continuing Education

SLSI's annual conference and educational workshops provide members with professional development opportunities in order to maintain licensure, along with providing ample networking opportunities with fellow surveyors. SLSI offers these programs to SLSI members at reduced rates.


SLSI makes available to its members an annual directory of members. SLSI also publishes yearly "Laws and Administrative Rule Relating to Land Surveying in the State of Iowa", which is available to its members at a reduced rate.  Also, SLSI publishes its newsletter "Random Lines" to keep you up-to-date with surveying issues in Iowa and pertinent SLSI news.  Various other publications are available to members at a reduced rate in our Surveyor Store.


SLSI monitors Iowa legislative activity and disseminates information to members. SLSI represents the legal interests of Iowa surveyors before the state legislature, state agencies, and the licensing board. The American Congress on Surveying & Mapping (ACSM) is your representative at the national level.

National Liaison

SLSI Full Members automatically become a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). These members will receive NSPS publications and notices, stolen equipment alerts, insurance options and much more. Life Members may choose to belong to NSPS and pay their annual dues with their SLSI membership dues annually.  


SLSI provides a resource on ethical issues related to land surveying prior to getting state licensing board involvement.


Memberships consist of full membership, land surveyor intern membership, surveying technician membership, sustaining membership, associate membership, honorary membership, and life membership. See more details on each below.

Full Membership shall be granted to land surveyors who are licensed according to the laws of the State of Iowa, and are in good standing with the Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board. Newly licensed land surveyors shall be granted a free full membership for the balance of the year following their licensure date, subject to payment of the initiation fee. Membership Dues $160

Land Surveyor Intern Membership shall be granted to individuals who hold a land surveyor intern certificate issued by the Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board or the equivalent board of another state. Membership Dues $15

Surveying Technician Membership shall be granted to individuals employed as technicians in the surveying profession who are not licensed land surveyors or land surveyor interns. Member Dues $15

Student Membership shall be granted to individuals who are full- or part-time students in land surveying technology, civil engineering technology, or civil engineering program, or a similar baccalaureate or associate degree program intended to meet the education requirements for licensure as promulgated by the Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board. Member Dues $15

Sustaining Membership may be granted to companies or firms that are engaged in the practice of land surveying, or any company, firm or individual that markets instruments, equipment, tools, supplies, software, hardware, or other products or services to land surveyors and the land surveying profession. Member Dues $150 

Associate Membership may be granted to any person, business or organization closely associated with or having a non-commercial interest in the advancement of the surveying profession. This designation may include, but is not limited to, land surveyors licensed or registered in states other than Iowa, educational institutions, teachers, attorneys, county assessors, recorders and auditors, and other city, county, state, and federal employees and officials. Member Dues $25

Life membership shall be granted to individuals who have attained 65 years of age, who have been full members in good standing for 10 consecutive calendar years prior to and including the year in which they attain such age and who have paid dues for the year in which they attain such age. An applicant for Life membership must be retired from the full-time practice of land surveying. To be considered for Life membership, a qualifying member must submit a written request to the Board of Directors of the Society or to the executive director of the Society.  Dues for Life members shall be 50 percent of the dues for regular members beginning with fiscal year 2017. Dues are waived for Life Members who achieved that status prior to 2017. Dues for NSPS shall be voluntary for Life Members.  Member Dues $55